When you start getting loads of shit from someone who told you ‘I love you so much’, you understand that this is the worst kind of love that could ever exist. If you could even mistake harassment with love, that is. No. I don’t want to see you anymore.No. I'm not going to sleep with you ever again.No. I’m not going to meet you tonight. No. I’m not answering your calls. No. I don’t want to get back with you.No. I don’t want to fix the unfixable. 20 phone calls in less than 1 hour. Threatening texts and voice messages. Unwanted visits to your house despite the refusal to see him. Abusive messages with requests for sex. Aggressive messages calling you names. No, this is not love. “You’re not giving me what I want”, he shouted. “By ignoring you are only making things worse as when you ignore me I go fucking crazy, that’s the worst thing you can do”. Those words hurt more than a hundred daggers into my heart. His sense of entitlement makes me sick. He thinks he owns me. He thinks he can do and say whatever he wants. His angry voice still resonates into my head: “You are going to see me and we are going to make this work, cunt”. On my way home, I see a shadow outside of my front door. I start shaking hoping that it’s not him.And I suddenly don’t feel safe anymore. I shared my bed with a monster. I held his hand.I introduced him to my family. I worried about him. I made him breakfast in the morning. I supported him when he was down.No, I am NOT going to take this shit from him anymore.___________________________#demogorgon #nottodaysatan #satan #boyfriendsfromhell #textsfromyourex #stopharassment #stopviolenceagainstwomen #timesup #quellavoltache #stopthisshit #exfromhell #praisebebitch #praisebe #underhiseye #notyourbabe #notyours #feminist

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When you start getting loads of shit from someone who told you ‘I love you so much’, you understand that this is the worst kind of love that could ever exist. If you could even mistake harassment with love, that is. No. I don’t want to see you anymore.No. I'm not going to sleep with you ever again.No. I’m not going to meet you tonight. No. I’m not answering your calls. No. I don’t want to get back with you.No. I don’t want to fix the unfixable. 20 phone calls in less than 1 hour. Threatening texts and voice messages. Unwanted visits to your house despite the refusal to see him. Abusive messages with requests for sex. Aggressive messages calling you names. No, this is not love. “You’re not giving me what I want”, he shouted. “By ignoring you are only making things worse as when you ignore me I go fucking crazy, that’s the worst thing you can do”. Those words hurt more than a hundred daggers into my heart. His sense of entitlement makes me sick. He thinks he owns me. He thinks he can do and say whatever he wants. His angry voice still resonates into my head: “You are going to see me and we are going to make this work, cunt”. On my way home, I see a shadow outside of my front door. I start shaking hoping that it’s not him.And I suddenly don’t feel safe anymore. I shared my bed with a monster. I held his hand.I introduced him to my family. I worried about him. I made him breakfast in the morning. I supported him when he was down.No, I am NOT going to take this shit from him anymore.___________________________#demogorgon #nottodaysatan #satan #boyfriendsfromhell #textsfromyourex #stopharassment #stopviolenceagainstwomen #timesup #quellavoltache #stopthisshit #exfromhell #praisebebitch #praisebe #underhiseye #notyourbabe #notyours #feminist

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i’m in need of new netflix series to watch plz suggest some in the comments ️️